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Do I Need a Mechanic?

Antietam Auto in Sharpsburg, Maryland is here to assist you

Sometimes it's difficult to tell when your car just needs a rest and when it needs mechanical repair. By accessing the situation and getting you vehicle diagnosed early, you can save yourself alot of money and trouble! Our ASE certified mechanics will assist you in diagnosing potential mechanical issues that your vehicle may be experiencing.

Trust your SENSES to decide whether or not you schedule a visit with one of our mehanics.

Do you FEEL anything unusal?

Experiences that we have commonly heard from other customers are:

  • Front-End is Shimmying
  • Steering Wheel Shaking
  • Unusal vibrations

HEARING any different or unusual sounds/noises?

Sounds or Noises that we have often heard described by others are:

  • Clunking Noises
  • Noise when Turning
  • Clacking Sounds
  • Clicking Sounds
  • "Chickachicka" Noise
  • Squeaking Noises
  • Sound of Leaking Air

Are you SEEING anything new or questionable?

Common issues that you may see are:

  • Unsual lights
  • Leaking
  • Flickering

Are you SMELLING anything funny or unusual?

Common smells that can notify you that your car may be in need of service are:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Burning

Call Antietam Auto in Sharpsburg, Maryland 301-992-2001 to speak to one of our friendly, certified and knowledgable technicians.