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Custom Work

Who doesn't want the most out of the vehicle they drive. Everyone wants to improve their car in one way or another, depending on your goals

  • more fuel efficiency
  • a better sound system
  • better lighting
  • engine swaps, ls, hemi, diesel, or electric conversion
  • creature comforts
  • body trim
  • aesthetic upgrades
  • suspension
  • interior
  • transmission
  • Race/competition offroad vehicle builds

Antietam Auto is dedicated to performance. We take all our knowledge and skills, engineering, research, production and installation, and help you get the most from your driving experience. Sometimes, a standardized aftermarket kit, other times it’s a totally custom job that enters into never before explored territory. There is no limit to customization and Antietam Auto is here to help you explore, create, and implement all that you desire.